The island nation is located in south Asia. The official name of the county is “Democratic Sociable Republic of Sri Lanka” in 1948 the country gained independence from Great Britain and in 1972 reclaimed the name “Sri Lanka” meaning “resplendent island” in Sanskrit.

Known to voyagers of the world over the ages as Zeilan, Serendib, Thambapanni, and Ceylon Sri Lanka was an exotic land full of wonder, mystiane and exquisite beauty that inspiring fables through out history Equally fascinating were its rich cultural treasures that continue to mesmerize visitors to its shores to this day.

But mostly Sri Lanka would not be the nation it is without the unique traditions and warm clamorous its people. Through ages past, Sri Lankans have evolved a unique identity that is grounded in a diverse array of ancestral traits that are based on compassion sustainability and canny sense of ingenuity

Located  :  5°.5 – 9°.5 North latitude

 :  79°.52 – 81°.52 Eastern longitudes

Area         : Total 65610 square km

 Population   : approximately 21 million

 Language      : sri jayawardenepura kotte is the administrative capital of sri Lanka whilst Colombo is the commercial capital

 Literancy    : Male : 92%

  : Female : 89%

Currency     : sri lankan Rupees (Rs)

Climate        : normally three monsoons are experienced every year

1) southwest monsoon (May to September)

2) northwest monsoon (November to March)

3)Convectional monsoon (April to October)

 Temperature   1) Colombo and suburbs varies from (25°c – 28°c)

2) Central hills and higher elevations (14°c – 16°c)

3) Average yearly temperature (26°c – 28°c)